Thursday, February 26, 2015

12/17/2014-1/07/2015 : Home for the Holidays

I actually already wrote about my visit home, so I'll match it with some photos. These aren't terribly exciting unless you happen to know and love many of the same people as I do- in that case, check out all of their beautiful faces! How lucky was I to be able to see so many amazing people in so little time?!

 job perk: slipperz and champagne in business class

Obligatory fancy night out selfie. Josh bought tickets to The Nutcracker: A Tale from the Bayou. One of my absolute favorite holiday traditions as a child, and one I hadn't experienced in years. Just as magical as I remembered. (and still just as bummed that I'm not a ballerina)

 Obligatory "countless tequilas in and oh man i'm so in love with this dress" selfie. Seriously though. I pulled this dress from the never disappointing Revival Outpost in NOLA for a shoot I styled over the summer for Scene magazine, and couldn't let go of it afterwards. I bought it and stashed it away for the perfect night and -finally- busted it out in December. Yet only managed to commemorate it with a selfie...
Dear Ben and Amy, sorry for creepin' in your bathroom during your Christmas party.

2 years strong, this is another holiday tradition with a special place in my heart. Sugar cookies and icing, all made from scratch. I love making a mess with these two and eating cookies for days and days afterwards.

Josh's annual bottle of Arbois Vin Jaune + whatever other fancy bottles he's saved for the holidays. 

Because these guys can't leave NOLA without a sugar high from Sucré.     
(And why would you want to?)

Two of the best friends anyone could ask for, and I've been lucky enough to know them for the majority of my life. 20 years (oh my god) and 13 years. The fact that we were all in the same country/state/city at the same time was amazing- and YET we only managed to take (a ridiculous amount) of late night, grainy selfies in a dive bar bathroom. And have a great time doing it. I love you both so much. Alexandra, you were the only piece missing! (somewhere there exists a video -intended for you- of us crammed in this bathroom discussing you and your absence. and maybe your cats, too. probably.)
and because today is thursday (i think?) here's a 2009 #tbt. babies!

Byrds. Way too short visit with this babe, but I'm pretty sure I'd feel the same if we were together for weeks. 

I clearly love my new Saints tee from Colby. Colby is clearly still upset over our 2014 season. Cheer up, Colbs. Only 6 more months until football! #whodat

 New Year's Eve, waiting for 2015

Excited to start another new year with this handsome guy.

 Before I met Shannon, I was told she was really hard to win over and not to be offended if she didn't like me. Pshhhh. Goin' strong, 6 years later.  xoxo Swatts!

NYE: perfect night for these bejeweled beauties from Dreamcar!

 Awkward Posing 101 with Andi and Hailee. Another way too short visit. Love you so much and am so so proud of you. Sell a bunch of books and some art and come visit me ASAP. 

Love this photo of me and my dad. 
And the dog that he pretends is mine, but who only has eyes for him.
Definitely one of the hardest goodbyes!

Now that I'm feeling all nostalgic, I need to force myself to sleep. Waking up in a few hours for a half day tour of some of the emerald pools and hotsprings around this part of Thailand. 
Happy to report that I've managed to complete 3 solid days in a sunny, tropical paradise and (with the help of my favorite floppy Goorin Bros hat and lots and lots of SPF50) remain as pale and un-sunburned as the day I left the dreariest season in France.


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