Monday, February 23, 2015

Odds and ends from my last few weeks in France before the holidays!

 Sacre- Coeur

Sacre-Coeur from the streets of Montmartre

 Ragnhild. This girl. One of my first friends in France. Always up for an adventure, always ready to take silly pictures with me. Our last night in Paris before she left for her next big adventure. She's currently running around Africa, and heading to Vietnam after that. I love you, France isn't the same without you!

View from Sacre-Coeur

Boule de Noël, sold at all of the Christmas markets. Chocolate covered marshmallow confections made in a variety of flavors. Had I posted this in oh, December instead of the end of February- I might remember the flavor of this one.

Cutest little letter box in the Senlis city center. Direct service to the North Pole!

Friday tradition: after French class wraps at 11am, heading to Le Sylvia for an Irish coffee with real Chantilly cream. 

When you have the opportunity to see Disney on Ice in Paris for free, you take it. Or I do, anyway.
Coucouuu Blanche-Neige.

 Paris goes all out for the holidays. So many amazing window displays. These reindeer were singing and dancing in super elaborate scenes in each window.

Some of my school friends! One of our last lunches together before the holidays/before half of this group moved away. One of my favorite parts of this experience has been meeting so many new people from all over the world. Argentina, Spain, Germany, England, and Denmark- all in one photo!


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