Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I started this post months ago and apparently got sidetracked (big surprise). So -drum roll please- 2 months later I'm finally posting about my trip to Thailand! Or part of it anyway. Two weeks in paradise yielded tons of postcard worthy photos (and stories), which I've painstakingly sorted through multiple times trying to pick the best ones out. And still come out with tons I want to share. So I will! Without further ado....

We left Paris Saturday afternoon and took an overnight flight to Malaysia. We spent the sunny afternoon swimming (remember- we were fresh out of freezing cold drizzly Paris!) and exploring the area around our hotel. It wasn't anything special- a little suburb near the airport. Certainly not representative of Kuala Lumpur, but nonetheless a brand new country for me so it was exciting.

First things first:
Keep that durian OUTSIDE, y'all.
Durian is a super smelly fruit native to Southeast Asia. Some people find the fragrance pleasant and sweet....others compare it to raw sewage. It's known as "king of the fruits", but its definitely the most divisive- banned from lots of hotels (like ours) and public transportation.


Celebrating our first time wearing shorts and t-shirts in months.
Jellyfish treats

 I had my eye on the fresh coconut, Lolo was a little more concerned about that blade.

Healthy-Catz. There were cats all over this little village. Actually...the whole time I was in Asia I saw cats running all over the place.

Presentation: 10/10

Watermelon juice with lychee. The freshest. I'm still dreaming about this juice.

Lunch date.

The next day, we hopped a plane for Thailand- courtesy of T.Swift.  Thanks, girl.

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