Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thailand/Part 1

Thailand was amazing from the moment I arrived. We stayed near Ao Nang, which is fairly touristy but provides tons of options for excursions in the area and to the neighboring islands. Krabi is a short ride away, with an amazing night market on the weekends. But let's be honest- how much else do you REALLY need when there are dozens of huts set up along the beach, some with frozen drinks and the rest with smiling ladies offering fresh fruit and scandalously cheap full body massages? ( Not much else. At all.)

(the view during breakfast each morning)

My bungalow 

 Khao Niaow Ma Muang. Mango sticky rice with coconut milk sauce. aka perfection.
I ate this almost every day, at least once. Also on my list of "Things I'm Still Dreaming About"

And so began my obsession with Asian beauty products. This was the first of many purchases.

From the back of a speeding tuk-tuk 

Long-tail boat ride to Railay Beach

Massage huts along Ao Nang beach




back to Ao Nang

Dinner date. He was very chatty.

Anddd I'm remembering why it takes me forever to get around to posting picture updates- I've spent hours just on this post, courtesy of my vintage MacBook/iPhoto.  See how committed I am?! Thailand Part 2 (and 3 and 4) coming when I can devote a few more hours to staring at this screen. Preferably with a bottle of wine, next time.

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