Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trouville / Deauville : Normandy

Summer in Paris.
It's hot and empty. Ok, some nights still require a sweater and although the metro is significantly less crowded, you've still gotta squeeze on at rush hour (and hope that everyone remembered their deodorant). While lots of locals clear out for those famous weeks-long French holidays, shuttering their businesses with jaunty, hand-written "Off to the beach! See ya in September!" signs, lots of tourists stream in. Alas- we aren't all so lucky to be able to jet off to exotic locales all summer, but a weekend trip to the lovely beaches and endlessly charming towns on the Northern coast? Totally do-able.
So, along with a couple of my favorite Parisian babes, that's just what we did- the perfect weekend entre filles! Already plotting a visit back with mon amour in these precious remaining couple of weeks of summer;

Pastels. Everywhere. Heart eyes for days.

The Port of Deauville

Saturday morning market is a must- I hadn't had berries this big and sweet in so long!

Lunch in the Marché Aux Poissons- pick a vendor (my friends may or may not have picked the one with the cutest fish mongers ;) ), sit in the open air with a bottle of wine and dig into the freshest and most delicious seafood platters around.

The weekend was also a belated birthday for this lovely lady. I've been lucky enough to have her in my life for over 14 years. Ma sœur.  Joyeaux Anniversaire ma belle! Here's to a lifetime of love and laughter and adventures all over the globe. Je t'aime!

Un petit voisin.

                                                So dreamy. Can't believe this is a real place.

Lifesize cannibalistic icecream. Not for the faint of heart.

Notre maison pour le weekend, une petite maison de pêcheur.

 Sur le pont entre Deauville et Trouville

 à la prochaine!


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