Tuesday, December 2, 2014

October - November

Pictures to accompany my last post! This is kind of all over the place, with random pictures from the last month.

Halloween weekend at Disneyland Paris. A little crowded, but not too bad and the weather was perfect. Disney Paris is laid out almost exactly like Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom so it was all familiar but just slightly different at the same time. Instead of Cinderella's castle, Paris has Aurora's castle- Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant/Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Many of the attractions are the same or similar, albeit with different names. Some of them make sense because they're literal French translations, others..not so much. Here, "Haunted Mansion" just becomes "Phantom Manor".
I wish I had had my new phone for better pictures- the decor was amazing. Disney at Halloween is my favorite!

Disneyland Paris Hotel- the entrance to the park.

 Even the ghosts here are French.

Some of the remaining parts of the royal palace I mentioned in my last post.

Senlis, city centre

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Senlis

le 114 ; rue Oberkampf

Because after the bars closed it seemed like a good idea to buy more drinks from the guy with dreads wearing the fur suit. And document said decision. Right. Prettyyy sure that was just fruit juice. 

Sunday morning: chocolate waffles, flat whites and people watching/eavesdropping in the 9th.

Andddd Sunday evenings, supporting the New Orleans Saints in a Canadian sports bar. 
My shirt was, unfortunately, incorrect this night. 49ers got it ;(

Parc Asterix- based on the French comic book Asterix about a village of Gauls resisting Roman occupation. Which....kind of sounds like a weird set up for a theme park, but it was great! It's known for its big rollarcoasters- which were amazing- and its Roman/Greek/Egyptian themes. My friend had a few free tickets, and even though it was cold it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

I got my new phone and entertained myself for longer than I care to admit by creating things like this:

And of course, taking a selfie or two:

And lastly, just a few shots in and around Senlis!

Now that I've more or less caught up on the last month- I can't wait to post pictures from last weekend! Strasbourg and Colmar were both amazing. Everywhere I looked was picture perfect- editing these down to the best ones to post will definitely be tough. 


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